Lahav Lipson

I am a third year PhD candidate in the Vision & Learning Lab at Princeton University, supervised by Prof. Jia Deng

My research focuses on building deep networks for 3D vision that leverage strong assumptions about epipolar geometry to achieve better generalization and test accuracy.

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Deep Patch Visual Odometry

Zachary Teed, Lahav Lipson and Jia Deng
arxiv 2022
paper / code

Coupled Iterative Refinement for 6D Multi-Object Pose Estimation

Lahav Lipson, Zachary Teed, Ankit Goyal and Jia Deng
CVPR 2022
paper / code / poster / video

RAFT-Stereo: Multilevel Recurrent Field Transforms for Stereo Matching

Lahav Lipson, Zachary Teed and Jia Deng
3DV 2021 (Best Student Paper)
paper / code / poster

Design and source code forked from Alex Raistrick's fork of Leonid Keselman's fork of Jon Barron's website